Here comes the Bump’n Joystick, world’s first disability-driven sex toy

Arm and hand issues, like pain and mobility restrictions, creating barriers to masturbation is more common than you’d think. Thankfully, the folks at Bump’n are doing something about it because sexual pleasure is a human right, damn it. 

Meet the Bump’n Joystick, the “world’s first disability-driven sex toy.” I hesitate to call it a toy, because it’s not insertable, and doesn’t vibrate, but rather a badass toy adapter

Bump'n Joystick
Screenshot from Bump’n Joystick launch video (full video included at bottom of article)

The Joystick is around 3 feet long, and a foot in diameter, making it a substantial adapter that is built to work with all of your favorite sleeves, wands, insertables, vibes, etc. There are different-sized holes to fit your toy requirements on both sides of the adapter. 

Built for comfort and ease, the top of the Joystick is cushioned, so you can hug it, or rest your head on it while you straddle the part that houses your equipment. And it bends and contorts so you can create the shape that works best for your body and needs.

Everything about the Joystick was created with mobility and pain issues in mind. As Andrew Gurza mentions in Bump’n’s new launch video:

“We know it’s not just about using it, it’s also about unboxing, cleaning, charging, and storage. So don’t worry, we got you.” 

The folks at Bump’n are all about sex positivity and it’s beautiful. They even offer folks the opportunity to “fund an orgasm” allowing donations to be put towards a purchase of Bump’n products for those who can’t afford to come out of pocket right now. 

The Bump’n Joystick is rightly considered assistive technology and an intimacy aid, so it’s possible you can get some help from your insurance companies if you reach out to them and check on your policy specifics. 

You can pre-order your Bump’n Joystick here for around $225(USD), requiring a $99 deposit, and according to their website, they are expecting to start shipping in May of 2022.


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  1. I love your idea that all people have a right to sexual pleasure. And it is very good that there are people and companies who have not only the desire but also the ability to help people with disabilities. Hope this information is helpful to them.

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