Honeypot CBD-infused lube is a decadent treat

I love cannabis and I love lube, so the Honeypot CBD-infused lube sounded like something made for me. It’s luxuriously thick, long-lasting, and the addition of CBD is quite pleasant. This lube is silicone-based, making it waterproof, good for sensitive skin, and probably best kept away from your silicone toys. 

There is little scientific information about CBD-infused lubes. Cannabis and its many magical, medicinal properties are sadly under-researched. So most of the information available is anecdotal. That being said, the anecdotal findings are pretty positive, as was my experience with the lube.

Honeypot CBD-infused lube

Take your time

This is not the lube for a spontaneous quickie. In order to really get the benefits of the CBD goodness the lube needs to stay on your labia, around the inside of the vagina, and/or anus for at least 20 minutes before sex or masturbation. It’s worth mentioning that the CBD will probably not have any added benefits applied to a penis, due to the lack of mucous membranes allowing the CBD to absorb, so no need to apply there early.

Maybe consider taking a bath or shower, applying the lube right after and finding something sexy to watch or read together, sharing some fantasies, or setting a 20-minute timer for massages, swapping halfway. If you are flying solo, snuggle up in bed with a sexy book or your favorite porn and relax before masturbating. Which, to be fair, is good practice with or without the CBD lube.  

Honeypot CBD-infused lube

CBD in general has calming and anti-inflammatory properties which both lend well to pain relief. The most common praise for CBD lube is less pain during and after sex for folks with vaginas. Which is obviously a big damn deal. Dyspareunia affects a significant amount of people, so anything that could allow for pain-free sex is important and could be life-changing. 

Whether or not this lube lends to deeper, more intense orgasms or it’s the added extra time spent focused on pleasure, creating a more mindful sexual experience, either partnered or alone, I can’t say for certain. But I am glad to have Honeypot’s CBD-infused lube in my tool kit.

It’s on the higher-end price point for a lube, but a competitive price for a CBD-infused lube. You can grab yours here, and save 20% when you enter “LOVEISAFETISH20” in the discount box. 


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