I heart the Hyphy, the dual-ended dynamo

The Hyphy by Lovense is an ambitious dual-ended toy that offers direct clitoral stimulation on one side and a G-spot vibe on the other. I’m not usually a fan of direct clitoral vibrators, and this one definitely vibrates as opposed to the Zumio’s elliptical movements, but I’m impressed by the strong rumbly motors that don’t immediately numb my bits.

Hyphy vibe stem

One of the concerns I had before I opened it, was how I was going to use a G-spot vibe with such a thin, delicate stem on the other side, but that concern went away immediately when I first held the Hyphy. The clitoral stem end is substantial and doesn’t feel like I am going to snap it off in the heat of an enthusiastic session.

Hyphy vibe case

I really dig the little charging case that also holds the accessories. If the small silicone pieces come with nothing to store them init’s a near guarantee I will lose them, so having a dedicated storage with the toy pleases me. The Hyphy comes with three attachments, a little sphere for broader surface stimulation, a u-shaped bit meant to hug sensitive areas, and a flicky nub meant to emulate oral stimulation. Personally, I preferred the ball shape, or just the end with no attachments, since the others tended to give it a buzzier feel.

The insertable side offers a little over 4.5 inches, has a nice solid shape to reach the g-spot and houses its own motor controlled separately from the stem end.

Hyphy vibe waterproof

The Hyphy has a waterproof rating of IPX7 meaning it can be submerged up to one meter (39ish inches) in water for 30 minutes, so it’s safe to use in the bathtub or shower.

It’s easy to hold from either end, and I really like the insertable side poking up in the air when I use the targeted vibe, because it makes me think of a strap-on. Used on the lowest setting, it’s impressively quiet considering how powerful it is.


The Hyphy is controlled through two simple buttons on the toy itself and also through the fairly robust Lovense app, where you can have control over the intensity and patterns of your vibrations, allow the toy to be controlled by someone from a distance, and also syncs with locally downloaded music on your phone or a premium Spotify account.

I’m still not sold on app controls, but think it’s simply about patience for me. I don’t enjoy patterned vibrations so the only thing the app really offers me is precise control over the intensity. Personally, it isn’t worth spending the extra time fumbling with Bluetooth when the basic, on-toy buttons that don’t require much force, work for me.

I do, however, appreciate that I’m only one woman with one opinion and plenty of folks use the app controls, not just for patterns and long-distance play, but for accessibility reasons. Plenty of us have pain or physical limitations in our hands and arms, and some toy buttons are difficult to press. If you are continuously pushing them to adjust the intensity or switching patterns, it would make more sense to use the app and avoid the unnecessary strain.

Whether you use the app or not, the Hyphy has a lot to offer as both an external, and internal vibe and I look forward to exploring more with mine. Maybe I will even give the app another chance, especially if I can sync it with some Wu-Tang and just let the vibe bring the ruckus.

Hyphy vibe on beach

You can get your Hyphy here and as always, use the code LOVEISAFETISH in the discount code box at checkout and receive an extra 10% off your order.

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