I reviewed this massage oil by The Butters Hygienics Company and all I got was deeper intimacy and glowing skin

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Massage and touch play such prominent roles in my relationships that I was thrilled when The Butter’s Hygienics Company sent me a bottle of their Summer Honey massage oil to try out. I don’t treat myself often these days so a luxury massage oil sounded like just the ticket. I wasn’t wrong. This stuff feels amazing and it’s been a delightful excuse for giving and receiving extra massages in my life. 


Reading the list of ingredients like sesame oil, grapeseed oil, pomegranate seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, raspberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, apricot kernel oil—I think I was expecting more of an… Herbal Essence style fragrance and that isn’t at all what this smells like. I guess maybe it smells like… honey? Like, out of the jar clove honey. Or something that is supposed to be chocolate scented. Which, if I’m being honest, isn’t a smell I particularly enjoy. So opening and sniffing the bottle, I was a little disappointed. I’d really had myself pumped up for a nice romantic massage, some music, really do it up nice. We’d just moved and things had been a little extra stressful. Pandemics, amirite? 


We decided to give it a go anyway and I grabbed a tub of lotion that I love the smell of, to keep close by, in case the smell ended up being too distracting for me. I’d never used a massage oil that had a roller applicator before, it was actually kind of fun to run the roller over my partner’s skin (the instructions say the product works best if rolled all over then rubbed in, versus making a puddle and spreading from there.) It was also nice to be able to set the bottle down on the bed and not worry about it getting knocked over and spilled.  


The smell didn’t end up being an issue, as once it’s on and rubbed in, it’s fairly faint, and the luxurious feeling was enough to make me completely forget about it. It really is a delightful oil. It’s very light, not sticky at all, and while it absorbs quickly, it keeps the skin soft and silky enough to glide your hands easily. 



Massage is a brilliant way to connect intimately with another human being, or several for that matter. Just the act of physical touch is an intimate experience for everyone involved and we’ve found that it’s a great way to open the doors of communication. We’ve had some incredibly sexy, vulnerable conversations during massages. Whether the rubber, or the rubbee, you’re in a unique position of not having to look the other in the eye, you’re doing something with your hands, so you aren’t sitting there awkwardly, and you are already touching, connecting and close. Not to mention, physical massage itself is beneficial to your health. So you are essentially helping your partner be healthier and happier in general by engaging in some rub downs. 


After the massage, feeling all melty and blissed out, my skin felt amazing. It had a beautiful sheen that was still there the next morning, but no stickiness or gummy feeling that a massage oil often leaves. According to the literature, it has the possibility of improving the texture of your skin with continued use, which is a wonderful bonus to an already lovely experience. More massages, better feeling skin and a closer bond with your partner(s)? Sounds like a winner in my book. 


If you wanna check out the Summer Honey massage oil, you can grab it here. Either way, I hope you try out a massage with a partner(s), share some sexy fantasies together and come back here to share with us how it went. Happy handling! 







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