Illustrated Bitch! tattoo healing aftercare potion is an essential product if you have tattoos – or skin


Disclaimer a) We no longer support these products or this company. This review remains for posterity’s sake only. All links have been removed.

Disclaimer b:  I’m not a medical professional and I didn’t do in-depth research on the effects of the ingredients, so you should do your own background work before applying anything on broken skin and always consult a medical professional for your concerns and questions. 



You know that Frank’s Hot Sauce commercial, “I put that shit on everything?” This is absolutely how I feel about The Butters Hygienics Co. Illustrated Bitch! Tattoo Healing Aftercare Potion. I’ve really started to put this shit on everything.



My partner got me a tattoo machine for my birthday last year so I have been enjoying inking us both in the past few months. Since I have several new tattoos that need some TLC, I got giddy when The Butters Hygienics Co. reached out and asked if I was interested in reviewing their tattoo healing potion. 



I used it daily on the area I was going to ink for a week before tattooing, as per the instructions. It also states you can use it in place of Vaseline while doing the tattoo, but I opted not to do this since it’s a little slipperier and wetter than the Vaseline and I’m still very much an amateur so I wasn’t trying to get too far out of my comfort zone. But I did use it directly following and it was such a nice relief on my raw skin. 



The next morning, my tattoo was tender and pretty red, but after I put a little of this aftercare oil on it, it stopped stinging and the redness went away pretty quickly. After putting the oil on my tattoos, I happened to look up into the mirror and was discouraged by the emerging psoriasis breakout that was quickly becoming tender, sore, red and puffy – none of which are things you want your face to be, obviously. 

Out of a fuck it, I wonder what this will do frustration, I rubbed a generous amount of IB on the areas that always hurt and puff up the worst. I realized immediately that it didn’t burn the way everything else I’ve put on my inflamed skin burns. I’ve tried so many things: prescription creams, OTC stuff specifically designed for psoriasis, other skin care potions, even Aloe stings by the time it’s gotten angry. But IB not only didn’t sting, it was soothing! And the redness was basically going away as I watched it. It kept my breakout from getting worse throughout the day and moisturized my skin back to feeling normal. Like fucking magic. 

After that, it just became my “go-to.” I even put it on an itchy bug bite and it did the trick. 


I used it every few hours on my new tattoo during the first few days and then just a few times a day, especially after a shower, and before bed for the following week. 

It kept the itching away, almost entirely, which is the part of the healing process that irritates me the most. I’ve been getting tattooed for twenty years and this is the fastest I have ever had a tattoo heal. My partners ink is all healing nicely too, since I applied the oil to him after his as well, (but not for a week in advance like mine.)


A couple hours after tattooing my partners hand, this oil took the redness and swelling away.


I want to reiterate that I am in no way, shape or form a medical professional, but as far as general skin-care goes, this stuff is the fucking bomb. 

I might have to put a piece of tape over the bottle, though, because our four year old is reading everything, all of the time, and his little voice excitedly reading “bitch!” at full volume on repeat might not be the energy we need in our home right now. 

What I do need though, is another bottle of Illustrated Bitch! tattoo healing aftercare potion on deck because I don’t want to live another day without it in my life. You can gets yours here. Check out all these other Butters Hygienics products I’ve tried, while you’re there and if you find something new that you love, tell me about it in the comments!




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