Intimate Earth lubes are formulated and designed exclusively by women

I am always thrilled when I get the opportunity to try out a new lube, even more so when I get to compare two different types from the same brand.


Hydra is a light, slippery water-based lube.  It’s not super long-lasting, so you may need to reapply, which is fine since a little goes a long way. 

It has a delicate, but unique smell that makes me think of fall and cooler weather, maybe a hint of nutmeg? I can’t quite place it, but it’s pleasant since it’s so faint. It does leave a slight stickiness after, but it isn’t unbearable. I’ve got sensory issues regarding stickiness, and it doesn’t have me running to wash my hands immediately after touching it, which is kind of my measuring system on the stickiness scale. You know, super extra-scientific. 


Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow silk hybrid glide is a delightfully decadent lube. It has absolutely no smell, which I found surprising since it has licorice root listed as a featured ingredient. I would have passed on this lube had I seen the label first, because I wouldn’t want a lube that smells of licorice, but thankfully I didn’t miss out on this gem. It is a thick, long-lasting, silicone-water hybrid and leaves little more than the feeling of a light lotion on your skin when it dries. No stickiness, no smell, and the only thing I don’t love about this lube is that it contains glycerine, which has some potentially unsafe qualities for vaginal use

Intimate Earth offers a plethora of other lubes and goodies, including warming products, and a Plush lube, which I cannot wait to try based on the name alone.  They also offer stimulating serums, and “anal relaxers.” (I could never recommend a numbing anal anything because it’s not safe to not feel what’s going on back there, so please be safe.)

Not only are their products affordable, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing, but they are all designed and formulated exclusively by women. Check out some of their products here and as always, be sure to use code LOVEISAFETISH to receive 10% off your total purchase. 


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