Is a dedicated sex toy cleaner worth the extra money? We think so.


Do you need a dedicated sex toy cleaner? No. Do I suggest you buy one anyway? Yes.

Hear me out.

I’ve been using Wicked Foam ‘n Fresh toy cleaner, and I have to say, I’m a fan. It’s antibacterial and smells nice with the help of olive leaf, thyme, and lavender extracts. Since it’s just for sex toys, it’s alcohol and paraben-free and not full of yucky, unnecessary stuff that could damage a beloved collection.


Setting a mood 

Let’s be honest, sometimes life can be a real turn-off. Stress, kids, money, and work woes are all distractions, so we have to make a little bit of an extra effort to feel sexy and in the mood sometimes. Setting a scene can make a world of difference in your ability to be present, and that requires taking control of your environment.

Having a bottle on the bathroom sink that’s specifically for sex toys, and not also dirty hands, dishes, or any other chore-related shit allows me to stay in that sexy frame of mind without any extra distraction. Plus, as we know, scent can play an important role in our mindset, so just the smell of the cleaner brings up pleasant memories and thoughts. I also really enjoy the act of coating my toys in a nice soft fluffy foam as I clean them, so it’s a pleasant sensory experience all around. 

I know it seems insignificant, but the distractions add up. This is something I can control. 

Is a dedicated sex toy cleaner worth the extra money? We think so.

Peace of mind

Quality sex toys aren’t cheap, so you want to protect your investment by taking care of them the best you can. Sometimes dyes, fragrances, and alcohol can damage a toy, so rather than risk something you’re not sure about, it makes sense to spend a few extra bucks on something that is made specifically for your toy. 


Do future you a favor

Be sure to keep your eye on your favorite sites’ sales and deals. Often times you can grab a free toy cleaner with a purchase of a toy, or item you were already planning on scooping up. Plenty of sites, like Betty’s Toy Box, for example, have rewards programs where you can earn points towards a discount on future purchases, or even free items, so putting your extra dollars there can be a nod to future you’s pleasure. You’re already there, you’re already spending your hard-earned cash on something that brings you joy, if you’ve got it in your budget, add that toy cleaner to the cart and treat yourself, and your toys. 


So, again, no, I don’t think it’s vital that you spend twice as much money on a bottle of toy cleaner when you can find something cheaper at the grocery store that will probably work just fine. But it isn’t always about efficiency and cost, sometimes it’s about the bigger picture and your general wellbeing. As long as you are taking care of yourself, that’s all that really matters. Sex toy cleaner isn’t a priority purchase, but don’t dismiss it if you’re in the position to pick up a bottle.

Is a dedicated sex toy cleaner worth the extra money? We think so.




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