You go out of your way for everyone else, making sure you notice the small things for the ones you care about. You take extra time on the things you do to make them smile, making sure you add their favorite chocolate sauce to their dessert or driving to the store a little further away to get that shampoo they like so much because doing these things for the folks we love feels good, doesn’t it? What if, and hear me out, this might sound a little radical, we spend that extra time and effort on ourselves as well? I know, I know. Who has the fucking time and energy for that? We can do without. It’s not that important, right? Well, kind of, yeah. Your family/partner/friend may not need that shampoo they like the most, but it brings them joy and that’s important right? See where I’m going with this?


Give it a shot, start small. Take the extra half an hour and add some nice bubble bath, candles, and music to a bath (if available) instead of a quick shower before you get back to taking care of everyone else, or work, or whatever it is you are focusing on that isn’t you. Take the extra time to add that special touch to a dinner that makes you happy.  Treat yourself to a special dessert or snack while you are running errands or doing something you don’t particularly enjoy doing. Take the time to find some specific porn, or some erotica you think you would enjoy and get yourself some masturbation time in instead of rushing through it just to get off.


You know, treat your fucking self. If you are able to, share your experiences here! If not? That’s cool too, I still wanna check out what you are working on. Share your photos, essays, fiction, reviews for stuff you love (or you think is important people not use, cause that’s love too!) All your creative goodness is welcome and appreciated here.


Link in your images, erotica, self musings, or whatever art your beautiful brain creates here all month, as many times as you would like.


Remember, Love Yourself isn’t a space that’s designed to be all positive all of the time. Self-love isn’t always nice and pretty, sometimes it’s downright brutal, and my goal is a little bit of normalization of the struggles as well as the wins.


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