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Loving yourself is the goal, the ultimate self-care journey. It can also be a lot of pressure, so I believe in starting small. Learning to love things about yourself is a great place to begin. I’ve found the best way to do so, is by learning new things that have nothing to do with focusing on “loving myself.” I learn new recipes to feed my body and end up gaining confidence and boosts of dopamine when it comes out delicious, or I feel competent when it’s not an awesome recipe but I know exactly what I’d change about it next time to make it better. Learning how to use watercolors, and other mediums made me feel creative and surrounded by visibly improving art that I get to feel good about. I also get to feel brave for trying something new.

Love Yourself! is about embracing that. It’s about finding little things that bring you joy and make you feel better about who you are and who you want to be, through art, food, science, and more. And deciding to love those things about yourself. Let’s learn to love ourselves together.

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Love Yourself!


  • Nikki

    Nikki is a photographer, writer, artist, and advocate of radical self-love. She writes about mental health, gaming, sex, and inclusivity.

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