Magic Wand Mini: Most of the bang with half the bulk

One of my first favorite toys was the Magic Wand, so I was absolutely thrilled to hear about the Magic Wand Mini. Although, I was a little skeptical about the power of a mini version since the original wand is a beast when it comes to its classic rumbly oompf. Thankfully, my doubt was squashed as soon as I got my hands on it.

I actually giggled when I opened up the Mini, it was a delightful nostalgia moment when I unboxed the wand and its cute little charger. It really is a small identical copy and it’s fucking fabulous. And literally weighs less than half of the original.


Magic Wand Mini

The Magic Wand Mini is 9.6 inches long and weighs only 9.7 ounces, which is 53ish% lighter than the original with its 21 ounces and 12-inch length. It will give you two and half hours of buzz on a two and a half-hour charge. I’m a sucker for a toy that I don’t have to look at to change the settings and the Mini is no exception with its three easy-to-navigate buttons, (power/up/down) to turn it on and off, and adjust between the three available speeds.

What about the power?

Obviously, the size keeps it from being quite as rumbly in the tumbly as the original wand, or even the rechargeable. At the Mini’s highest setting, it’s about as powerful as the rechargeable’s second speed.

Aside from when I’ve had too much to drink and I’m suffering from what I lovingly refer to as “whiskey clit” I don’t require a whole lot of power behind my vibrators, and rarely go past the first or second setting on any of my toys, so the Mini is plenty powerful for me. If you are someone who needs a little more intensity, you might be better off sticking to the original, or the rechargeable.

Personally, the compactness and lighter weight is a huge selling point for me. My wrists and arms often hurt so the extra strain of holding on to a wand that weighs more than a pound isn’t super enticing to me. But the Mini solved all of that. Not only is it lighter, but it’s slimmer, making it easier and less of a stretch to hold the end. And if cost is important to you, it’s less expensive, in case you don’t need to pay for the power you don’t enjoy.

It’s worth mentioning that the Mini is not waterproof nor splashproof, so it’s not safe for bath or shower play. But it is cordless and holds a two-and-a-half-hour charge, so you’re able to tuck it in your bag for some on-the-go fun or stress and pain relief  (don’t forget it can also be used for sore muscles.)

Magic Wand Mini

Get yours here, and as always, enter LOVEISAFETISH in the promo/coupon box and receive 10%off!

Don’t forget the lube!


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