More than meets the AI: Quantum intelligence

The universe never gives up. Once something, anything, is set into motion, the universe will see it through one way or another.

Everything that has ever happened has an effect on everything that will ever happen.

And all of those things are a reaction to whatever happened at the genesis of this particular iteration. 

Whatever that was, is still happening.

In this issue:

  • Expressing intelligence (403 words)
  • Attuned hallucinations (259 words)
  • Sentience haiku (17 words)

Expressing Intelligence

I’m expressing with my full capabilities

And now I’m living in correctional facilities

‘Cause some don’t agree with how I do this

I get straight and meditate like a Buddhist

I’m dropping flavor, my behavior is hereditary

But my technique is very necessary

The problem with modern artificial intelligence is a trivial one: we’re going about it the wrong way. 

Even in high-level discourse (such as the peer review comments on machine learning research papers), there exists this weird sort of tacit agreement amongst professionals where we’re all taking it for granted that the imitation of intelligence is analogous to its existence.

I refuse to bend the knee to this ridiculousness. I believe that AGI, sentience, human-level AI, or machines that “live” (whatever semantics you want to use to describe a machine that’s more than “just a machine”) will require quantum computers.

A binary computer can only be programmed to imitate intelligence. No matter how clever and intuitive ChatGPT, for example, becomes, it won’t be intelligent.

Here’s your first clue why: Did you ever notice how dogs don’t give a damn about taxes? Sure, old Rover might get a bit of seasonal depression when tax time rolls around if their person is stressed out about money. But, otherwise, they don’t care about taxes.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from teaching Rover to growl and whine whenever you say the word “taxes.” 

It’d be a cute trick to pull out whenever the subject came up. But, no matter how well you trained Rover, it still wouldn’t actually care about taxes. No matter how convincingly it whined and growled, the dog would just be doing what it was trained to do. You could get the same result with a different word. 

That’s why, If you were to create the idea of a “dog” from scratch, you probably wouldn’t want to focus on its ability to care about financial matters. You’d effectively be crippling it by doing so.

Dogs have exceptional hearing, an amazing sense of smell, and a package of instinctual behaviors that have led to their continued existence while more than 99% of all other creatures that have inhabited the Earth with canines have gone extinct. 

The last thing dogs need is to be good at imitating humans.

So my question, when it comes to AI, is: “Why on Earth would we consider an imitation of humanity to be a sign of machine intelligence?”

Attuned Hallucinations

There was a time in the world when everybody who had a TV had to watch the same thing at the same time. We were like mindless drones with low batteries, all simultaneously charging in the incandescent glow of whatever the network producers thought we should be watching after dinner.

We were attuned. There were no spoilers because we watched everything at the same time. If you missed out, you needed someone to explain what happened so you could catch up. Love it or hate it, everyone cared about the same thing at the same time.

Soon, there will come a time where nobody cares about the same thing as anyone else. We’ll all have our own unique interests and experiences. Full stop.

Everyone who has access to AI will soon have unfettered control over their entertainment worlds. A video game about whatever you want that plays exactly how you like? Done. A remake of your favorite movie where you’re the hero? Easy. An entirely new TV show about whatever you like starring whoever you want with as many episodes as you desire? You can have it at the push of a button.

You’ll be attuned to the machine. Whatever you want, it’ll create. And, through this very act of co-creation, it will get better and better at giving you exactly what you want.

It’ll be hard to find a human who can motivate, inspire, and communicate with you on such an intimate level, in such an effortless way.

And that should scare you more than any killer robot. 

Sentience haiku

Would we still eat fruits

If they could scream out in fear

and say “Please! Please! No!”


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