Yesterday I recorded a video of me masturbating for my Dropbox and Patreon subscribers, which is really nothing new, but the experience was entirely different. First of all, I don’t often watch myself in the display the entire time. I end up looking at my body, or closing my eyes, enjoying the moment. But this time I forced myself to keep eye contact with the camera like I have to do when I am masturbating for my partner. Watching my orgasm take over my face sent me into an entirely new, harder orgasm almost immediately. It was such an intense, raw, intimate moment where I saw primal beauty in my face.

Until I watched it afterwards!

My second orgasm was so strong that I was no longer concerned about looking at my face, but only about keeping eye contact and feeling the waves crash over me. I came so hard it took me by surprise, and had to watch the video as soon as I caught my breath. “Wow, this is so fucking hot,” I thought, until I started coming the second time. Then I looked angry, then terrified, and “Oh…” I questioned whether this was, indeed sexy as I watched my face contort. I was completely lost in my climax, the most open and exposed I have ever seen myself.

And the sounds, oh the sounds…

My favorite thing about sex is sound. Grunts, groans, moans, sighs, growls, any sounds of pleasure turn me the fuck on! In fact, my partner growling into my ear was the reason I fell in love with him years ago. It really does it for me. But I found myself being critical of even that during playback, “whew, I am breathing really hard, good grief.” Not to mention that I could hear how wet I was. When I found myself feeling shy about that part I realized it wasn’t even my criticisms I had in my head. It was things I had been made to feel crummy about years before.

I had to remind myself that it was a sexy thing that I was so wet that you could hear it. It was a sexy thing that I completely let myself go, unconcerned about how I looked. It was a sexy thing that the whole experience made me feel more confident and desirable. I had to treat myself with the kindness that I offer to complete strangers. After a week of feeling so unwell, it was a nice exercise in feeling more like myself again. Viva la masturbation.


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  1. This picture is so hot. I have never really recoded myself like this masturbating but reading this made me think I might give it a go. I love the sounds of sex too but also the smells.


  2. A few years ago there was a porn debate on the radio.
    Someone who was anti-porn opined that the look on the faces of women fucking in porn was evidence that it wasn’t pleasurable for them, and therefore to be condemned.
    A porn performer’s response was “I’ve seen my cum face!”

  3. I have recorded myself a couple of times while masturbating, as it was a task I had to fulfill, and my face also looks ‘terrible’ when I climax. My husband loves that face, and has many images were I am in the throes of my orgasm. Love your image!

    Rebel xox

    1. Oh thank you! My partner seems to really enjoy mine as well (as did my Patreon subscribers when they saw this particular video lol)

  4. Very sexy. I’ve never seen my own “o” face, but am with you when it comes to the sound of wetness. For a long time I was embarrassed by it, until I realised that it’s a huge turn-on for other people. Fantastically visceral image 💖

    1. Thank you! Yes, my ex-husband always used to tease and say snarky things about me getting so wet. Spent nearly 10 years hearing about it, so it is something I have really had to work on embracing and realizing he was just an asshole lol

  5. This is very sexy. I have been recorded before and was horrified when I heard and watched it back. I think I am not comfortable enough with myself to be able to find it hot but I can see why it would be to someone else. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I figure if I keep trying I will eventually be comfortable enough to be proud of it lol

  6. Your descriptions were as hot as your image, and that says a lot. Thank you for sharing so honestly. It excited me and I loved it.

    1. I really thought I was rare in this, so I find it interesting how many confident, sexy women feel the same way! I recommend it. Even if you never show it to anyone, just for you!

  7. I’m glad you processed all through this to really maximise the pleasure. I know what it’s like, when those doubts come creeping in. It’s sometimes hard to quieten them but it’s something we’ve got to do. What wonderful pleasure. I’m happy for you 🙂

  8. As always, a sexy image.

    As for watching my oh face, I rarely do. It never looks like what I imagine in my head (which is likely based on media versions of what an oh face “should” (sigh) look like). I don’t enjoy watching other people’s face (usually) but only because it feels so intimate, almost too intimate, as if I’m peeking into their soul…which I guess I am.

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