Pain relief, but make it sexy: CBD-infused massage oil review

Romantic Escapade is a delightful CBD-infused massage oil from the same folks who make my one of my favorite lubes.  It’s a light weight oil created from a variety of natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, wild orange essence oils, vanilla, grapefruit essential oil and rose essence oil (which it leans heavily into for the scent.)

CBD-infused massage oil

While I don’t particularly love the smell, I like it better than other CBD products that are menthol or “medicine” scented. Personally, I’d rather it smell like cannabis than roses, but I understand a lot of people absolutely do not appreciate the smell of cannabis like I do. However, I would have liked it to lean more into the vanilla or citrus than the rose oil, so I have hopes for a variety of scents in the future.

Romantic Escapade offers 300mg of CBD which is on the higher end of potency for similar CBD massage oils and for the price, this one is a bargain. It’s THC-free and Fantastic Escapades offers complete transparency by providing the Certificate of Analysis on their page, showing the testing results for heavy metals, pesticides and CBD potency.

CBD goodness

There’s something to be said about adding a new tool to date night, and one that encourages you to not only touch each other, but to check in on how everyone is feeling physically and mentally is a pretty valuable one in my book.

Do I think this massage oil will radically change your relationship and fix your intimacy struggles? Nope. But there’s a chance you can connect on an intimate level, experience relaxation and pain relief, and if that isn’t a step in a sexy direction, I don’t know what is.

Also, it doesn’t have to be something you use on a date or with someone else at all. It’s perfect for self-care. The CBD content is high enough that it helps with muscle aches and pains. I’ve even been rubbing it into my elbows, wrists and knees lately when they’ve been sore and I’ve gotten genuine relief every time. And massaging a nice absorbant oil into my skin feels more decadent, sensual and self-care-y than an ointment meant specifically for pain, but like everything else, it’s all about perspective.

CBD-infused massage oilYou can get yours here and be sure to use loveisafetish20 to get a whopping 20% off your purchase!

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