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Equally frustrated from not being allowed to orgasm and relieved to be finally going inside, she followed him back up to the cabin.

He headed toward the table in the untended garden she’d admired previously. A breakfast picnic in the garden? How romantic, she swooned, feeling immediately less frustrated.

Getting a closer look at the table, however, she now saw why it looked so out of place. It appeared to be made out of a beautiful heavy wood, finished to such a shine that she could see the trees around them reflected on the top. Various straps, rings and hooks lined the sides of the table. This was obviously not made for dining.

Circling around closely behind her, he stepped forward until she had nowhere to go but over the table, he leaned across her, smashing her bare tits against the hard surface. He tied her wrists to the O-rings bolted to the opposite end of the table. She tried to keep her legs pressed together but he quickly kicked them apart and secured them as well.

She was stuck, helpless and exposed to anyone who happened to come up the long, winding drive. She could feel the crisp morning breeze flutter against her achingly hot pussy, cooling her dripping wetness.

Her cunt was visibly contracting while spread open in front of him, the more she felt it clench, the hotter and wetter she became. She could feel his eyes on her tight, twitching asshole – much to his delight, she was sure. Rolling her hips forward, she tried to push her throbbing clit into the hard edge of the table desperate to find friction and relief.

He stood back and watched her try to squirm, knowing exactly what she was doing.


She yelped as the harsh blow to her backside caught her by surprise, hearing the sound before the pain registered and spread across her warming cheeks.

Are you trying to give yourself pleasure without permission, pet?

Recovering from the shock of the slap, she managed to meekly answer “Y-yes, sir”

What happens to pets who please themselves without permission?

Never having disobeyed in this manner, she couldn’t answer with certainty. “They get punished, Sir?”

He was quiet again, and she braced herself for the next blow, but it didn’t come. Minutes seemed to have passed without a sound other than her labored breathing and the voyeuristic birds singing their approval in the trees above.

A cold, slippery finger suddenly pressed against her puckered asshole, forcing its way in, followed by another. Stretching her insides, he pushed and curled his fingers until she was whimpering with a mixture of uncomfortable and delicious pleasure. The fingers withdrew just as quickly as they entered, but she didn’t have to wait too long for their replacement.

Feeling the cold steel against her lubed hole, she found herself anxious to be filled with the metal anal plug. Even after his enthusiastic fingering, her ass was still so tight that the widest part of the plug made her cry out before it settled in the crack of her ass. That was her favorite, the instant reward and feeling of accomplishment for getting through the most painful part. Her ass was stuffed full and it made her pussy throb even harder. She could feel her heart beat in her cunt. The spasms caused her ass to squeeze the buried plug, it was going to take all of her effort not to come.

A burning heat pressed against her sopping cunt, as she felt his rock hard cock slide in, squeezing past the large plug filling up her ass. His hands gripped her hips, digging his strong fingers into her flesh, using her as leverage to pull back, and almost out of her hungry pussy. Finding a rhythm of forcing himself in deep, and pushing on the end of the plug in her ass, driving it deeper and rubbing it against his shaft, only separated by a slippery thin wall.

She was overwhelmed with sensations as he slammed into her again and again, banging against her cervix with every deliberate thrust.

When he pulled his cock abruptly from her body she suddenly felt empty and desperate for more. Moving around to the front of the table, he lifted her head up by her hair. She barely had time to register what was happening when she felt the first spurt of thick come against her face.

That is all it took for her orgasm to take over. Intense waves crashed over her and she could feel the wetness running down her legs as his warm gift covered her face with generous bursts. Closing her eyes, she saw explosions as her ass spasmed around the unforgiving plug in her ass, triggering another strong wave sending her into space, floating weightlessly, lost in orgasmic oblivion.

He let go of her hair, gently lowering her head allowing her to rest her neck. Stroking her hair, he admired her laid out before him. She was a mess, come all over her face, piss, mud and come on her ass and thighs. Unhooking her arms first, then her legs, he kept his hands on her, lovingly reassuring her of his presence.

Let’s go get in the shower, love. You’ve earned it. 








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