The princess lies awake in her tower, not awaiting a savior, but a voyeur. A brave soul to climb up to her door and watch her bring herself pleasure. 

She runs her fingers through her hair, enjoying the scent that fills her nose. A smile forms on her lips as she runs her hands across her breasts and feels her nipples, hard beneath the sheer top. Slowly she reaches between her legs, moaning unabashedly when her fingers dip into her wet pussy. She loves how wet she gets, playing in the sticky pool welling up just inside her lips before trickling down between her plump asscheeks onto the sheet below her. 

Oh, how she wishes she could hear someone’s approval from the door, hear their breathing increase as hers did when she drove three fingers inside her hungry cunt. 

“You like watching me?” she said out loud “watching me fuck my desperate pussy?” 

Just saying the words made her back arch off the bed and her fingers push in deeper. Fuck, she wanted someone there to see her. For them to be aroused and hungry for her. Watching her – wanting her. 

She imagines them at the door, not able to keep their hands off themselves any longer. Their eyes glued to her cunt as she fucks it harder, her wetness loud and splashing against her thighs as she fingers herself. 

Turning over and pointing her ass towards the door, she brings her other hand back and teases her asshole for her invisible voyeur. 

“Tell me you like watching me play with my ass” she whimpers “I’m a slutty princess. A slutty anal princess who needs her ass fucked. Will you watch me fuck it? Watch me fuck my tight princess hole?”

She was driving herself wild with her own words and she couldn’t help but lube her finger with her cunt and press it slowly into her ass, stretching it gently. With her other hand still deep in her pussy, she buries her face in the ruffled pillow and fucks both holes while she pictures them watching, masturbating openly now. 

Sawing her fingers in and out, she adds a second to her ass as she imagines her voyeur trying to get a closer look, getting bolder and approaching the bed. With muffled groans she pictures them smelling her, licking their lips, wanting to taste her. Their mouth watering just for her, them leaking at the thought of touching her flesh. 

“I’m such a filthy princess. Tell me? Tell me I’m a filthy princess. Only a slut would fuck her holes in front of you like this, right? Oh fuck. Tell me. Tell me! Tell me I’m a filthy fucking slutty princess, please. Please tell me!” Her words becoming unintelligible in the pillow as she comes hard around her hands, squirting onto the bed as she pounds herself relentlessly. 

She keeps going, imagining them cumming with her, groaning out to her that they were cumming for her, and she is overcome with another intense orgasm, crying out with abandon. 

Stretching and catching her breath, she rolls over in her bed and wistfully gazes at the empty doorway with a twinge of disappointment. One of these days someone would find her fucking herself. What a glorious day that will be.





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  1. Oh my. I’d love to watch you from the door, fingering your tight pink pussy. How I’d love to help you cum, all over the sheets, all over me. Please…

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