I love the idea of a prompt celebrating a love for lingerie. I never cared much about it when I was younger, mostly because I always hated my body. My breasts always seemed to spill out of everything, or it wouldn’t fit properly over my ass. The older and more confident I get in my skin the more I love wearing lingerie! I even like the way my tits fall out of delicate fabrics, as if they are just so magnificent they cannot be contained by mere lace and cotton. I wear it now to feel sexy, not just to turn on my partner, which I might add is a delicious bonus, but not the ultimate goal. The texture of the laces and silks against my smooth skin is a luxurious feeling that I enjoy indulging in. Wearing something lacy and revealing under my street clothes turns me on quite a bit while running errands. It is a sexy secret that is always a welcome distraction.

8 Replies to “Red”

  1. Seeing you in lingerie is of course fantastic, but I must confess … it’s your painted toe nails I’m loving. The image of your lingerie crumpled at your feet is perfect. One of my favourites of yours x

  2. I loved that your leading image is you taking OFF the lingerie, great angle on the prompt & i agree wholeheartely with your discussion on lingerie too.

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