As I sat there in front of the mirror, admiring my smooth, freshly shaved pussy, I was overwhelmed with the desire to bury my face in it. To suck my soft, fleshy pink lips into my mouth. The mere thought made my clit visibly swell, which only intensified my desperation. My mouth was watering to lick the length of my pretty slit. To lap up the dripping wetness bubbling up and escaping my cunt. I wanted to part the lips gently with my tongue, knowing that just grazing my throbbing clit right now would make my back arch. I spread myself open, having to make a conscious effort not to finger my clit and make myself cum immediately. I fucking needed to cum. I was so horny, but I was enjoying my filthy fantasy of eating my own cunt. I felt depraved, and that only made me feel hotter. What a filthy slut I was, imaging driving my fingers into my hole while I sucked on the hood of my clit, just the way I know I like it. Savoring my flavor as I fucked myself deep, flooding my face, smearing my makeup. 


I gripped my thighs tightly, as I lifted my legs, looking at my ass in the mirror, spreading my cheeks so I could see my puckered hole. I wanted to spit on it, watch it twitch with the need for my tongue. My wetness was leaking down over it, I could see it glistening. Fuck I wanted to lick my pussy juices from my ass, force my tongue inside and stretch it open. Teasing my asshole with my finger of one hand, I drove the other back into my cunt. I wanted to be sucking hard on my asshole while I shoved more fingers into my pussy. The mixture of drool and cunt wetness on my hole would be enough to press my finger inside, sawing my digit in and out as I kept fucking my cunt with the other hand and sucked on my clit now. Overwhelming myself with sensation, I wanted it all. Fuck yes, I’m a dirty slut and I need it, I said aloud to the mirror, drool escaping from my lips as I stared at my reflection. 


The dirtier I felt, the hotter I got, my pussy dripping steadily on the blanket underneath me. I was edging myself at this point, knowing I was so close to cumming that I couldn’t even touch my clit without exploding. I humped at the air, watching my pussy swollen with need in the mirror, I spread my lips open wide so I could see inside my pink throbbing depths. Pulsing with desperation, I could feel my orgasm building from simply watching myself. I was past the point of return, I was going to cum soon, and hard. 


I drove my three middle fingers into my cunt as the convulsions started and felt my muscles clench around my hand, tightly gripping it in place as waves of bliss crashed over me and I watched my face contort as I came for myself. I saw a transformation, as stress and tension left my body. And I felt joy and comfort for myself as I would a lover, who I knew felt better than they did fifteen minutes ago. I gave myself a few moments to catch my breath and I watched my chest raise and my full tits swell, appreciating my body. 

As I got dressed, I was smiling, realizing how incredibly self-love the whole experience was. And already looking forward to watching myself masturbate again soon.


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