Set the mood with this All Night Long fragrance mist

The All Night Long fragrance mist is a warm blend of floral and citrus notes and is supposed to release a “subtle scent unique to you.” Personally, I didn’t pick up too much in the way of citrus and mostly smelled the floral (black rose and peony) and the heavy amber scent. I also didn’t notice much of a shift in fragrance once I applied it to my pulse points, but the scent faded fairly quickly.

According to the description, it’s meant to “arouse” and be a “sex attractant.” Just typing out those words makes me laugh. I tend to roll my eyes pretty hard at the mere mention of an “aphrodisiac” but scent can absolutely play an incredibly important role in sexual arousal and setting a mood.

I stand firmly by what I’ve written previously on the subject and I think it bears repeating:

The truth is that there is no quick-fix magical turn-em-on-inator. A person’s libido is a personal, subjective concept that involves such a myriad of variables, that to reduce it down to a one size arouses all idea seems silly and shortsighted.

So many things are at play when it comes to someone’s arousal at any given moment. How are they feeling physically? Do they feel appreciated, seen, and heard? What kind of day have they had? What kind of interactions have you had together throughout the day? Have you been close or touched, or checked in with each other?

When my husband and I first met, he was wearing Obsession by Calvin Klein (which the All Night Long spray is quite similar to with its heavy amber notes) and while it wasn’t my typical type of scent, it quickly became my favorite smell that evoked a plethora of delightful, sexy feelings and memories.

It turns out scent is a pretty significant factor when it comes to memory and emotional response. So while I do not believe this spray contains magical “aphrodisiac” properties, it has the potential to lead to arousal due to its scent and what it means to you, or your partner. Assuming you like the way it smells and that you can connect it to an arousing feeling or memory.

Spray it on after a shower before sex (or just before a date), and try to be mindful of how you are feeling while you are wearing the spray, especially while being intimate. It’s likely that smelling the same scent the next day could bring feelings of arousal and joy based on your previous experience with it. And if you feel extra sexy and confident while you wear it the next time, it’s likely your date will notice and have similar feelings.

Get yours here and give it a shot! Don’t forget to include LOVEISAFETISH in the discount code area for 10% off your purchases.

All Night Long fragrance mist


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