Everything was just about perfect.

Until John and Sue moved in.

They were middle aged and fairly attractive, so we were excited at the prospect of making new friends. Turns out that was all we had in common. They were sober, conservative Baptists, and like any good Baptist, they let us know immediately.

Sue was always complaining about our parties, not the volume, as we were always respectful about the noise. Nope. Sue complained because the women were often topless.

Fucking Sue.

There she was in her garden as I pulled into our driveway.


I darted inside with a quick wave and a fake smile, thankfully avoiding her. Closing the door behind me quickly I leaned against it.

When I finally slowed my breathing I could hear the shower running. I smiled at the thought of my sexy husband soaping himself up, running his hands over his large cock, thoughts of Sue long gone.

Quickly undressing, I stripped down to my thigh-highs and heels and grabbed a couple beers from the fridge. When I heard him coming down the stairs, I hopped up on the kitchen table, spread my legs and set his bottle between them.

“I thought I heard the door close” he said, drying his hair with an oversized towel that hid his face. Finally looking up, he grinned “Oh wow! Aren’t you a treat?”

He dropped the towel, grabbed his bottle, then mine, and put them behind him on the counter. “Let’s save those for after” he growled in my ear as he pulled me close.

When he spun me around and bent me over the table I had a perfect view of Sue through our open dining room window. I was turned on by the idea of her watching me fuck my husband. As if she could hear my thoughts, she turned her head and looked directly at me just as he was entering my wet pussy. I cried out in pleasure from the feeling of being stretched and filled, and also knowing we had an audience.

Turning and straddling him on top of the table, I held eye contact with her as I rode my husband’s hard cock to an explosive orgasm. I wanted her to watch me come, watch me moan and writhe. I wanted her to be wet, and feel ashamed about it. I wanted her to rush inside and fuck herself while she remembered watching my heavy tits bounce and sway. I wanted her to hate herself for not being able to get us out of her mind. Another intense orgasm took over and I closed my eyes this time, appreciating the moment, enjoying the waves washing over me and dripping onto the table.

“Sue was watching us” I told him with a giggle as I came down from my high.

His cock twitched against my belly. “I hope she watches us again” he said with an impish grin and a wink. “We could really put on a show next time.”

(500 words)


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  1. Lovely visualisation – I hope we can spycam into Sue’s house while she’s all hot and horny xx

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