Surprise orgasms. Need I say more? A Curvy 3 review

I’m a big fan of the Satisfyer toys I’ve tried, and the Curvy 3 didn’t disappoint. My biggest complaint about the “sucking” toys is that I don’t enjoy the ones that actually feel like they are sucking. In my experience, they either suck or flutter, and I am ride or die #teamflutter. 

The shape of the Curvy 3 is a little different since it’s, well, curved. Since I often like to masturbate while on my belly, the shape works for me without the toy awkwardly digging into my pelvis. Though I still have to lift my hips a little to get the positioning right, so it’s actually less convenient than the Pro 2, whose head I’m able to aim in the perfect direction.

Simple navigation buttons are my jam and these work for me. There are three buttons, a power/suction mode button (which also serves as the “intensity up” button), a lower intensity button, and the other button also turns on the toy and controls the vibration mode. They are quite unimposing, which is nice aesthetically, but it took me a little bit to figure out which button was which when fumbling around with lubed-up fingers in the dark.

The Curvy 3 is waterproof, and it works great underwater, though if you end up with it half in, half out of the water, it starts to make some pretty distracting blubbery sounds. But I also found that to be true when I was using it with lube. 

With all sucky toys, especially the Satsifyer line, there is a bit of a learning curve in finding the right pressure and position of the toy. Sometimes I find that I am pressing the toy too tightly against myself, and it doesn’t allow the airflow to work its magic, which is evident sometimes when I let up my grip, and it’s instant euphoria, the clouds part and the orgasm fairy comes barreling through, like the Kool-Aid man but sexier, in all their glory. The first few times I tried the Curvy 3, I ended up surprising myself with an orgasm almost instantly when I found the perfect spot, which is, obviously, an ideal surprise!

The Curvy 3 is also available to use with the Satisfyer app, so a partner could control the toy while you held it. It’s a cool way to control the speed of both the fluttering and the vibration, using your fingers to slide up and down on the screen. Personally, the last thing I want to see when I’m masturbating is my partner on his phone, unless he’s taking photos. We already spend so much time on our devices, with our faces in a screen, which leaves little interest for me in utilizing the app.

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.
-Edward Bulwer-Lytton


While the Curvy 3 doesn’t replace my Pro 2 or my current go-to’s, it’s a cool reimagining of the shape of their clit tech (good band name, eh?) You can get yours here, and don’t forget the lube to reduce friction against your skin, it makes a delightful difference. Use code LOVEISAFETISH to get 10% off your purchases!

Curvy 3

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