Try easy squeegee painting for self-care fun

I am a sucker for something quick I can do to lift my mood or my self-esteem and squeegee painting is definitely one that I’ve found that works well for me. You can make it as simple, or as complicated as you wish. I’ve experimented with random blobs and intentional designs, and I love it …

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Claymation, frustration and creation

I have found few things as rewarding, exasperating, creative, tedious, and rage-inducing than learning claymation. And this includes learning how to roll a perm in under half an hour in cosmetology school nearly two decades ago, where I saw no less than a dozen stylists lob their mannequin heads across the room in a fit …

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You are so much prettier when you smile

Twice in the past week I have taken photos of myself that I have been really proud of. I hesitated to share either. Why? Because I wasn’t smiling. That’s it. The lighting was great, I felt sexy, the poses were flattering, but I had a serious look on my face in both images. Obviously models …

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