This glow-in-the-dark board game is a fun prop for date night

We sure love games here at Love is a Fetish, and that includes board games. Sometimes that means we dive into complex, challenging games. Other times we pop a bottle, snuggle up, and play a glow-in-the-dark board game that’s simple enough to play even if you don’t read the rules. That’s not a knock on …

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Word search: Multiplayer games

  Sometimes self-care includes playing games with people you enjoy being around, both in person and online. Enjoy this word search and then you can get your game on! What are some of your favorites?   Find more word searches here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Love Yourself! Newsletter!

Word search: Water propagation

Enjoy this word search all about plants you can propagate using only water! It’s not an exhaustive list, to be sure, but I hope it inspires you to start your own water-propagated mini garden. What are your favorite plants that can be propagated in water?     Enjoy more word searches here! And don’t forget …

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Classic board games: A word search

Take a few moments out of your day, relax, and enjoy this word search featuring classic board games. Do you see some of your old favorites? What about those that aren’t listed? See more word searches here! Have you subscribed to the Love Yourself! newsletter yet?

Self-care activities for grown-ass folks 9/19/22

Please enjoy this self-care activity for grown-ass folks word search. I hope you are able to take a few minutes out of your day and engage your brain with no pressure or deadlines. Included is a black and white version if you want to print and color, or use an art app on your device …

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Self-care activities word search for grown-ass folks: masturbation

Download this self-care activities word search to print or open in your favorite photo editing app to play and color! Enjoy the PDF version here: Self-care activities word search (masturbation) Make sure you check out the other word searches here!    Give me a shout on Twitter if you have a theme request for a …

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5 reasons why you should start a mini water propagation garden today