Practical tips for taking up space

No one has any more right to space than you do.  That may sound obvious, but it doesn’t come naturally for some of us to take up space due to various reasons such as trauma, anxiety, neurodiversity, etc. Whatever the reason you struggle with taking up space, there are small but significant steps you can …

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Growth isn’t always immediately apparent

One of our toddler’s favorite books right now includes a line that reads “You can’t see the flower grow” and it really resonated with me. Mostly because I had to really think about how I felt about that sentiment. Like a lot of us since the pandemic started, I do quite a bit of indoor …

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All you gotta do is try a little empathy

I had a moment of clarity today. A moment of confidence not only as a parent, but as a functioning, participating member of a loving family and relationship with another human being. And it was set off by the toddler pissing all over the floor at eight o’clock on a Monday morning.    Potty training …

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What tf do you want?

If you’re unhappy, make a change. Sounds simple enough, right? Turns out a lot of us don’t actually want things to change. Dr David Burns explains in his book, Feeling Good Together, he tells his patients when asking for his help with their relationships, that they have three options: make a change, leave the relationship …

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You are so much prettier when you smile

Twice in the past week I have taken photos of myself that I have been really proud of. I hesitated to share either. Why? Because I wasn’t smiling. That’s it. The lighting was great, I felt sexy, the poses were flattering, but I had a serious look on my face in both images. Obviously models …

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I have really been struggling to write lately. Not because of blocks, or lack of inspiration, but so much is happening so quickly that I have too much to say and very little time to say it. Not only are our lives changing in numerous dramatic ways, I also have a two year old all …

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That fucking blanket

Having a mental illness is often a lonely feeling. In my experience, depression, anxiety and PTSD, whether separately, or some magical bullshit combines them together into a cocktail of distinct and almost comforting isolation. I struggle with this because I find it effortless to melt into that loneliness and isolation as it is easier and more …

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Growth is painful, good thing I’m a masochist

It’s been interesting learning more and more about my mental illnesses and the things I can do to help myself. I never knew I had so much control over my brain. It has been both a miraculous breakthrough and a terrifying realization. It makes me feel more hopeful about my mental health prognosis, but knowing it is ultimately up to me is pretty fucking scary.

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