Love is a form of quantum entanglement

Surely you’ve heard the old axiom that romantic love is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions that take place in our brains. While that’s technically true — humans are made of matter, just about everything we do involves a chemical reaction — there’s a lot more to it than just dopamine and oxytocin release. …

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A scientific mystery: Why do people sleep better when they’re in love?

A pair of researchers from the Australian National University and the University of Helsinki recently published a fascinating paper discussing the scientific relationship between romantic love and sleep. Apparently, there’s a commonly-held belief that people experiencing romantic love sleep better than folks who aren’t. Per the duo’s paper: “Romantic love is commonly associated with a change …

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What tf do you want?

If you’re unhappy, make a change. Sounds simple enough, right? Turns out a lot of us don’t actually want things to change. Dr David Burns explains in his book, Feeling Good Together, he tells his patients when asking for his help with their relationships, that they have three options: make a change, leave the relationship …

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A fundamental fear of happiness

I started the day like most Thursdays, excited because it was date night and a little anxious but eager to go to therapy. As I was getting my medication out for the day, I realized I wasn’t dying to get to therapy like I usually am by Thursday morning. I don’t really have any friends …

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Growth is painful, good thing I’m a masochist

It’s been interesting learning more and more about my mental illnesses and the things I can do to help myself. I never knew I had so much control over my brain. It has been both a miraculous breakthrough and a terrifying realization. It makes me feel more hopeful about my mental health prognosis, but knowing it is ultimately up to me is pretty fucking scary.

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