Pragmatic male sexuality for Earthlings

  I think the hard sciences fail us and the soft sciences often actively work to harm us. While that’s generally true, in this case, it’s a specific statement on the modern discourse surrounding male sexuality. We know more about the machinations of the quantum universe than we do about the human capacity for sexual …

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My blue Pride

My blue Pride

  Happy… Pride… month? Let me try that again. Ahem. Happypridemonth. Still not there. Happy meh meh meh. Well, fuck. I was starting to think that I sucked at being queer when June 3rd rolled around and I realized I hadn’t written a single thing for Love is a Fetish all month long. That’s 72 wasted hours. …

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Study: Traditional ‘scripts’ for sexuality leave heterosexual men feeling left out

  Do heterosexual men feel desired in their relationships? Survey says: No. A pair of Canadian researchers recently conducted a study involving 300 men between the ages of 18 and 65. Participants were sourced from Reddit and, apparently, self-identified as heterosexual. The men were asked questions relating to how “desired” they feel in their relationships. Surprisingly, …

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I'm queer enough. So are you.

I’m queer enough. So are you.

      Pride month is only three weeks away, and that means it’s time for people like me to get defensive about who we are. I’m queer. But am I queer enough? Am I pansexual enough? Am I demisexual enough? Who gets to decide? I’m on the asexual spectrum. Like all things human, asexuality …

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