Beside myself: The Quantum Slalom

First things first: read the headline out loud. In doing so, you’ll likely have no choice but to become self-aware for a brief moment as you ponder how you sound saying those words. They don’t exactly roll right off the tongue. The point of this article is to teach you something you’ve already been taught: …

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Love is a form of quantum entanglement

Surely you’ve heard the old axiom that romantic love is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions that take place in our brains. While that’s technically true — humans are made of matter, just about everything we do involves a chemical reaction — there’s a lot more to it than just dopamine and oxytocin release. …

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Understanding quantum social dynamics

Binaries do not exist in nature. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the universe abhors the binary. Nothing either is or isn’t. If that were the case, if anything simply was or wasn’t, then anyone who’s ever played a game of Go knows that eventually, all things would either be or they …

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