Self-portrait photography – part three

Learning how to use lights to your advantage can take your self-portrait photography to the next level. It sounds obvious, of course, lights are important, but not all lights are lightweight or user friendly, so it’s important to find the style and size that work for what you’re trying to accomplish.  I was required to …

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Self-portrait photography — part two

I’ve tried a lot of methods for taking photos of myself in the last decade and my favorite by far is a tiny Bluetooth remote shutter. Between yelling “shoot!” at my phone, dashing back and forth to press the shutter button on my phone, and a cute little remote control I can hide in my …

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Self-portrait photography — part one

Of all the mediums I dabble in, photography is the one that resides fiercely in my heart. I’ve been taking photos since I was a teenager, and even ended up going to school for digital photography and design. Through some required assignments, I took some photos of myself that I liked for the first time. …

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