Tell me that you love me

Tell me that you want me

Tell me that you need me

Tell me that you never stop thinking about me

Tell me that you can’t breathe without me

Tell me that you can’t sleep without me

Tell me that your fingertips crave my flesh

Tell me that your tongue is parched for my taste

Tell me that your bones ache for my embrace

Tell me that your skin needs my breath

Tell me that your food tastes bland when I’m not around

Tell me the art is shit when I’m away

Tell me the music is off key in my absence

Tell me the flowers lose their scent when I’m gone

Tell me that you leak at the mere thought of me

Tell me so I can tell you the same

Tell me

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13 Replies to “Tell me”

  1. WOW, Nikki, this image totally blows me away. It’s brilliant, the light, the shadows, the way your pussy almost seems to disappear from the frame. And the words to go with it are perfect!

    Rebel xox

  2. Lovely image & the words are so well crafted, I was expecting to see that they’re from a song! Beautiful – you deserve (and I believe you inspire) this kind of devotion. xx

    1. Ah thanks Posy! I’ve been relying on lyrics too often lately, thought Id whip up something original lol

      1. I used to use them because I felt they grabbed people’s attention / struck a chord. Because I lack confidence with my pictures I use lyrics there too . Your words and your images are beautiful or sometimes fun too x

          1. Me too – I remember your post about how it’s what connected you with your Dad.

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