Walking into the concrete shell of the old home thrilled me like it always does. One of my favorite activities is exploring old, abandoned houses with my camera and it’s a delightful bonus when my partners come along. This time was no exception. I was snapping away, enamored with how one of the walls cracked in a stunning spider web pattern crumbling away where it met what was left of the floor. Not paying much attention to the men, I was going about my business when I heard my husband tell my boyfriend, Lee, to go ahead and strip me down. Wait, what?


I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly and didn’t have much time to process it when Lee walked up to me and gently lifted my camera strap from around my neck and handed my camera to my Richard, my husband. “Lift your arms up, please” he said softly with a smile and a lift to his eyebrow. 


Doing as he asked, I raised my arms above my head without a word. He gently ran his finger tips over the bit of my belly that was exposed from my lifted arms before he slid his hands under the hem of my tank top and lifted it slowly, exposing my stomach, then my tits to the cool air. My nipples hardened immediately, between the breeze and the focused attention I was getting. Both men eyed my breasts with a lustful hunger that made my pussy clench in response. 


Not as slowly, he yanked my shorts and panties down to the ground, pulling them over my shoes. There I stood, cold and completely naked aside from my pink and white tennis shoes. They both stood still and leered at me head to toe, I knew them both well enough to see that they were very pleased with themselves — and turned all the way on.


“Down on your knees,” my husband ordered. Turned on by his command, I immediately leaned over to brush some of the sharp looking trash out of the way so I didn’t cut myself as I knelt down on the ground which was mostly just dirt with sparse patches of concrete. “I wanna watch you suck his cock while I take some photos.”


Lee moved in front of me, standing only a few inches away and unzipped his jeans, pulled out his stiffening cock and presented it to me. Drops of precum were already forming on the tip. Not wasting any time I leaned forward and gently licked the dripping moisture from his head. I reached up and tugged slightly on his balls and he pushed his hips forward, his cock twitching. 


Swirling my tongue around his now leaking head I stroked the shaft as I swallowed him down my throat. I looked up at his face, watching him watch me as I deepthroated him until my chin rested on his balls. My drool was running down my face and chest, creating a mud puddle on the dirty floor below me. I could hear the shutter clicking on my camera and it fueled my efforts. I loved sucking dick, and I really loved to be photographed or filmed doing so. Just knowing he was taking photos of me on my knees in this filthy place sucking my boyfriend’s cock was enough to make my pussy throb with an intense need to be filled – and soon!


Richard made his way towards us, snapping photos as he walked. I could now see him from the corner of my eye as he zoomed in on my face, my mouth wrapped around the erection before me. With one hand he unfastened his jeans and withdrew a very hard cock that said he was enjoying what he was seeing. 


Running his hand over his cock slowly, he approached until he was standing next to my boyfriend, his cock inches away from my face. I reached out with my right hand, and began jerking off my husband with Lee in my mouth. I fucking loved having both men in my hands, their hard cocks throbbing for me. 


Popping one cock out of my mouth I turned my head and sucked Richard between my lips. He grunted and grabbed the back of my head, his cock slipped into my throat as he started fucking my face. I kept my left hand jerking Lee, feeling him growing impossibly harder than he was just a few moments ago. I pulled him to me, making him step forward until his cock was rubbing my cheek as Richard pumped into me. 


When the facefucking slowed, I tugged Lee’s cock to my mouth and opened it further to let him push inside next to Richard’s. I couldn’t help but groan out with genuine glee, which made the drool escape over my bottom lip. I could feel it splashing in the filth against my spread thighs. My lips stretched tight, there was a painful pull at the corners of my mouth that only added to the nirvana I was floating in. Their slippery cocks sliding against each other against my tongue, the inside of my cheeks bulged when they pressed forward, gently thrusting and finding space to move deeper in my mouth, together. 


I could already taste their combined precum draining down my throat which made my pussy spasm and gush. I could feel my clit throbbing and tried to clench my thighs shut to get some relief, but it wasn’t enough. My husband, noticing my squirming, slowly pulled out of my mouth and took a step back. 


“Why don’t you two head over there to those steps, get her on top, Lee. I wanna see this needy little pussy get fucked. I know it’s drenched and I can see that slutty, swollen clit from here. My girl loves having two cocks in her mouth doesn’t she?”


I couldn’t help but grin, knowing my face was covered in drool and precum, “yes Daddy! I love it so much!” I exclaimed as Lee helped me stand and led me by the hand to the few concrete steps that remained of the staircase. He sat and pulled me onto his lap, straddling him, his tongue penetrating my mouth as his cock split open my waiting cunt lips. 


I breathed an appreciative groan into his mouth as he entered me and I settled on top of him. Slowly rocking back and forth I adjusted to his hard cock and began to fuck him harder. My plump ass cheeks meeting his balls with loud wet slapping sounds. I leaned back on his thighs and reached down to feel my very swollen, very sensitive clit. Again I heard the sounds of my camera and I turned my head and made eye contact with my husband as I impaled myself over and over again while I circled my growing clit with my index finger. 


I knew he loved watching me fuck and I loved it when he watched me. Wrapping his arms around me, Lee pulled me forward, my breasts squeezed against his chest as he fucked up into me, his cock finding my G Spot, he pounded into me deeply. 


He was fucking me so intensely that I didn’t hear Richard approaching and was surprised when I felt his hands on my hips, increasing the speed and depth of the fucking my boyfriend was administering. 


“Oh fuck,” I moaned out “I’m going to cum soon!” 


“Not yet, you’re not” my husband responded as he shoved me forward and spread open my ass cheeks. I could feel his fingers playing in my wetness, rubbing my pussy where Lee’s cock was stretching it open. He gathered my cunt juice and spread it over my tight ass before gripping my cheeks and opened me wide, spitting onto my exposed hole. I gasped as I felt my ass clench and tense. 


The next thing I felt was my husband’s spit-slick cock press against my asshole. The feeling was intense, but the cock in my cunt felt so good that it helped distract from the uncomfortable stretching from the large cock entering me. Deeper Richard sank into my ass, filling me up completely. When I felt his stomach meet my backside, I knew he was all the way in. 


He stayed there for what felt like an eternity, Lee now still as well, I could feel both cocks throbbing, pulsing inside me, stretching me, filling me, fuck it was a lot. It was so fucking good. 


Not being able to stay still any longer I began to rock, causing a simultaneous moan from everyone. The cocks only separated by a thin wall rubbing against each other, found a rhythm that had them both fucking me deeply with every stroke. 


Lost in the euphoria, my orgasm crashed into me, taking me to another plane entirely – all that existed in the universe were these two wet, hard cocks and my gushing, squirting cunt. I couldn’t form words as another wave of my climax hit me and I gave into the pleasure. Letting them hold me between them as they both neared their own orgasms. 


I could feel my ass squeezing Richard’s cock, milking him until he was gripping my hips and growling as he came hard, shooting into my ass. I came again as I felt his hot jizz overflowing, spilling out of my ass onto Lee’s balls below us, which triggered his climax as well. He pulled my face to him and kissed me deeply as he came, pushing up into me. Grunting and panting as he sucked my lower lip into his mouth. We were all one in that moment. United. Lost in the pleasure, the closeness, the bliss. Sweating and silent, aside from our deep breathing. 


Withdrawing his softening cock from my used asshole, Richard stood up and tugged his jeans back up his hips and zipped them. He held out his hand to help me up, my legs still a little unsteady from the workout and the intense, full-body orgasms I’d just experienced. 


“Oh wow” I giggled, as I stretched for a moment, “I am famished! What do you guys say we grab some lunch and go check out that old farmhouse on the way back home. It might be the perfect spot for round two?” 

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