When Floss included my image in her Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 401, she wrote, “One of the things I love about Nikki’s images are that they make me feel like a voyeur. They don’t seem like posed images for our enjoyment, they feel like glimpses into moments that weren’t ours to see and there is something very sexy about that” It absolutely thrilled me that she used those words because that is exactly what we feel like as well. We try to keep our exhibitionism as pure and honest as we can. Mostly because that what turns us on, sexually and artistically.

Our New Year’s Eve celebration was no different. My partner wrote beautifully about sharing the night with others not only because it’s fucking hot, but also because we wanted to offer people a glimpse into our world where it is warm, loving and filthy. We don’t really have kinky friends, so sharing our art and experiences with others is very intimate and special to us.

That being said. Here is a fun timeline of what happens when you combine two in love, consenting, kinky as fuck adults, whiskey (& etc.), LED lights, champagne, balloons and a giant teddy bear for an evening.


I was pretty excited about hunting through one of the dress-up boxes for fun costume changes
The bear was totally into it, don’t worry.
I was feeling quite pretty that night. The whiskey obviously didn’t hurt that
We had a LOT of fun playing with the LED lights. I felt like a sexy ass cyborg for awhile!

And lots more fun with the lights

That belt… has been through a lot. It turns me on every time I see it.


I was ever so glad to have the big soft teddy bear the later it got, it made for a fantastic pillow
I think he also enjoyed me snuggling the teddy bear. Or watching me anyway.
I adore this image he captured. For many, many different reasons


This one though… gave me a perspective on myself that I have never had before. I have an entire blog post planned dedicated to just that.
This image made me tear up when I saw it. I immediately said “There is no fucking way that is me” He laughed and said “Of course it is. You are just seeing what I see for once” 🖤
I have a lot of feels about this image as well. Look how fucking happy this chick is!
He promised a champagne toast, which did not disappoint. We also recorded this whole scene, so I have probably watched it twenty times this week.
Bubbles! (Cold, cold fizzing bubbles)
As our shareable part of the evening was ending, I wanted to take advantage of the camera that was already set up… I mean, I was all dressed up as a unicorn after all.
What a delicious way to start a new year.


13 Replies to “The last whiskey infused fetish night of 2018”

  1. That certainly does look a whole host of fun, I love the way you could shuffle the images up and tell a different story too (you didn’t look disshevelled, you stayed cute all the way through. Delighted also that you got a new perspective on yourself – I bet it will enhance how sexy you feel. Your toes playing with his belt buckle – Unff that got me!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Posy! I’m glad you enjoyed them 😊 that one was one of my favorites too!

    1. Thank you! I think you’d be surprised how little editing I did on some of them. Three colored lights can sure paint a scene lol

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