The LuvMor Teases is a handy dandy beginner-friendly vibe

At only a little over 3 inches long and an inch and a half wide, the LuvMor Teases from Calexotics is an adorable lightweight little vibe with a shape perfect for your palm (or intimate wear), making it great for folks with hand pain or mobility struggles.

It charges via a proprietary USB charger which is inserted through the bottom and lights up the sparkly gem delightfully. I, personally, prefer this kind since it means I’m not having to balance the magnetic charger, worrying about bumping it and stopping its charge. For a full charge, it takes about 2 and a half hours, which will give you 30-90 mins of use depending on what speeds you are enjoying. The literature indicates that the vibe is waterproof, but I wasn’t able to find any specific IPX rating, so please proceed with caution if you are to use it in water.

The Teases is incredibly quiet, even on its highest setting it’s pretty discreet. And speaking of settings, this little vibe features a whopping 10 steady intensity choices and no patterned vibrations, which I find fantastic since so many products offer just a few steady speed options and the rest are patterns.  The highest setting is pretty strong, but the motor is quite buzzy and ends up numbing me quickly.


I appreciate how soft this toy is, the different textures on the top ridges versus the bottom, and the rounded edges give options on which side you use against different intimate areas.

This is a great vibe for beginners and seasoned toy lovers alike, due to its small size, aesthetically pleasing ergonomic design, and quiet motor. You can get yours here and don’t forget to use code LOVEISAFETISH for 10% off your entire purchase.

LuvMor Teases

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