The sky’s not the limit with the new Zumio i

The Zumio i is the fourth, and latest edition of the popular line of focused clitoral stimulators. It’s a quiet, waterproof piece of brilliance designed to help create quick, intense orgasms. What sets Zumio apart from the pack is the elliptical rotation in the Spirotip™, which is said to emulate the movement of a finger, versus a vibration that provides a shaky buzz. 


The tip is a hard, spoon-like shape, which I struggled with at first but once I found what worked for me, I appreciated the firmness. I feel like the Zumio has a bit of a learning curve, much like plenty of the pulse/sucky clitoral toys. Not all bodies are made the same, so what works for one, might not work for another and there is no “correct” place to focus the toy. Since it is so focused, you have to be a little more precise than with a broad wand-style tool. And some places are going to feel way more sensitive than others and not always in a good way. It takes some experimenting and patience, which, let’s face it, masturbation could be a fun activity to practice. Consider it an important part of your investment, and take some time to get to know your Zumio i and find out how to get the absolute most out of it because, frankly, you fucking deserve it. 

My advice is to start at the lowest setting, using plenty of lube, slowly explore your vulva, and around your clitoral area. In my experience, it was too intense and almost felt buzzy, until I pressed a little harder. Thanks to the touch-sensitive technology, the Zumio i doesn’t stall out like most toys, instead, you get more of a thuddy feeling with the resistance. That change made all the difference for me. A toy with a weaker motor would just quit moving, but a little pressure creates a deeper, heavier touch and that is definitely where it’s at for me. 


I appreciate the charger stand, as I prefer a dedicated spot for my toy than laying it on a shelf while trying to line up and balance the magnetic charge points. I consider it a bonus that with its cap on, sitting in the charger, it looks like something that the Predator might use.

You’ll want to get it on the charger as soon as you get home since it has a whopping 16 hour charge time, which will give you around 4 hours of operating time. 

Zumio i
The Zumio i is waterproof up to a meter (36 inches) so it is compatible with both shower and bathtime play. 

The packaging was simple and efficient, and I always appreciate getting a new solid box with minimal writing or graphics on it for other projects or storage. And the cute little infographic was nice. 

I’ve wanted a Zumio for a long time, so when Betty’s Toy Box offered me one in exchange for an honest review I was genuinely thrilled. It definitely met my expectations, especially once I got the hang of the pressure sensitivity feature. The only thing I struggle with is that its kind of meant to be held a certain way, like a paintbrush, and I often prefer to masturbate while laying on my stomach because by evening, my wrists and arms are often too sore to hold up long before they’re cramping, and the shape and design of the head make it difficult to line it up properly in that position. But I think that’s also going to take some practice, which I do not mind committing to.


You can get yours here, and if you use the code LOVEISAFETISH you can score 10% off! 


Don’t forget about lube





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