The Thrill Me is a gorgeous toy, fit for a Spring display

I love the shape of the Thrill Me by Slay, that’s the primary reason why I wanted to try it out. Well that and the color is just so pretty and I didn’t have any sex toys this delightful shade of blue. I imagined it would be like masturbating with a totem of Spring. 



It fits in my hand just perfectly, and I love the soft touch silicone next to the shiny gold metal bottom. It’s a nice looking little vibrator and quite lightweight. 



Thrill Me is a gorgeous toy


The little nubbin on the end of the toy nestles perfectly underneath, beside and above my clit, all exactly what I prefer since direct clitoral stimulation is often too much, especially at first. The curved shape at the end is brilliant. It almost hugs the curves of my vulva. And the little ball shape feels nice when I run it through my folds or around my nipples.





It’s too floppy, for lack of a better word. When you push against the nubbin, the whole little neck of the vibe bends because it’s all give. And it’s buzzy, so there’s no chance of a heavy deep rumble to bring me to climax. Just a pissed off bumblebee bumping and buzzing on my cunt. If the neck were a little firmer, I think it would make all the difference for me. I can hold the end of the vibe against my clit, but then my fingers start to go numb too. If I’m already close to an orgasm, this lil vibe can get me off intensely, however it’s not a toy I can start with if I don’t wanna go numb immediately. But damn it’s cute. And just look at that wiggle! 



There is lots to love about the Thrill Me – it’s cute as a button, it has a great shape, it’s waterproof, it has a super simple one-button control that I really appreciate because I can quickly feel it in the dark, and it starts on the last setting you had it on, which is extra nice if you find the one that works for you. It’s also quiet, despite having a pretty strong motor inside.

It’s a gorgeous toy you can grab here if you wanna try it yourself, and have a lovely little toy you’d be proud to display amongst your other pleasure bringers.


Don’t forget the lube!


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