This cute lil cat vibe just does it for me – a review



When I agreed to review this Mrs Katty, I didn’t have the highest hopes. I’d just reviewed several clit sucker toys that I didn’t enjoy and this didn’t look like it was going to be much different, but it was cute and that was enough to make me want to check it out. It’s small, it’s pink and it looks like a cat – which, to be honest, I have mixed feelings about. 



As soon as I opened it, I had to smile, because it is cute. It even has a little collar with a bell that serves as the power button/mode changer – super duper simple. And it resets to the first, lowest setting when you turn it back on, which I appreciate. The size is perfect and fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, though the body is really smooth and soft and makes it a little hard to hang on to once I’ve soaked it and my hand. 




I’ve got a finicky clit, it swells up quite large and it’s incredibly sensitive, so I’ve struggled with the majority of sucky toys that I’ve tried. With few exceptions, one being the Satisfyer Pro, I try them a couple times and then go back to my wand or my Satisfyer while they take up space in a box or drawer somewhere for me to feel guilty about. They aren’t bad, they were just drawn that way. 





I haven’t so much as picked up my Satisfier since I received this little kitty. Seriously, I enjoy it that much. That came with some serious reflection as I realized I liked this toy, available on Amazon and with differing names – my literature says Mrs Katty, and the Amazon link says Miss Kitty, so I suppose the cats marital status is up for debate, but I digress – more than my fancy ass Satisfyer that I thought hung the clit sucking moon. But, I really think I do! 





First of all, Mrs Katty is much smaller and less unwieldy when I’m masturbating while on my stomach or riding my partner than the Satisfyer. The suction part on the cat toy is softer and thinner than the head on the Satisfyer so I feel like I can get very specific about the part of my clit that I want that attention on. 


Let’s talk about that attention now, because, fuck. So, for my personal taste, the clit sucker toys that I’ve disliked the most have been the ones that actually suck. My pleasure lies in the thrummy, thumping, fluttery style of air pressure. And much like the Satisfier, the vibrations in this vibe don’t overwhelm the delicious thrummy feels so I get the perfect amount of stimulation on my clit that is almost guaranteed to make me climax within minutes.




Aside from nights where I got overstimulated, or had one too many tequila shots, this toy has been a reliable tool for an orgasm in less than five minutes. Hard, satisfying orgasms! I remember telling my fiance, breathless and coming down from a particularly intense climax that this toy might make me cum too hard. He assured me there was no such thing and the kitty slept tucked under my pillow, securing its place in my life and between my legs. 



It’s too soon to tell if this is my new favorite toy over all, that will take so much more time and maturbation, oh so much more masturbation. But I am looking forward to finding out. I’ll keep you posted on how Mrs Katty and I are getting along! You can find one for yourself here and let me know if it rocks your socks or not. 




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