This Butters Hygienics face mask is a fabulous addition to any self-care routine

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I suck at taking care of myself. Really. It’s a struggle. As a working parent and a partner of two, I don’t often prioritize me. I’m working on it. So when I get the opportunity to review something that would be a delightful addition to my self-care routine, I jump on it. I’m more likely to make the time since it’s for work. Yes, I’m aware that’s a little fucked, I just told you I was working on it.


I love (and continue to use on a regular basis,) the massage oil that I reviewed for Butters Hygienics, so I was thrilled when I saw their email in my inbox asking if I was interested in a face mask. Uh, heck yeah I am. 

breathe in, breathe out

Living in Mexico makes getting our mail an adventure and sometimes my anxiety gets in the way of me enjoying that. The mail service we use is about half an hour south of us, and the drive is nothing short of spectacular. Seriously, you even see a pirate ship. It’s stupid cool. But as a passenger, and with the armed military checkpoints, it can be a little unnerving. I try very hard to just relax and enjoy the view, listen to the music the driver is jamming and take some comfort in and appreciate that I don’t currently have a toddler screaming in my face about needing mas gallettas.  


This trip felt a little selfish, since the mask was the only mail we had waiting, and we paid 500 pesos for the trip, (about $25USD) it didn’t feel like a very cost effective drive, but I needed to pick it up since I had a deadline. 


Once I had the package in the backseat I couldn’t wait to open up the cute little blue tub and smell it. That’s the first thing we all do when we get any kind of scented anything, right? Opening up that jar instantly made the entire car smell like fresh fruit. It’s an incredibly strong scent in the best way. I spent the entire ride back smelling it over and over again, focused on just the smell of the citrus and the ocean out the window and it completely changed how I felt about being in that car. 


Relaxing for 5 minutes seemed intimidating AF, not gonna lie.


I couldn’t wait to get it on my face and see if it felt as delectable as it smelled. The instructions say to slather the mask on your skin for as long as you want, but for at least five minutes. My immediate thought was “FIVE MINUTES?! What the fuck am I gonna do for five minutes?” 

Nothing. That’s what I needed to do. 

I washed my face, opened the little blue jar, and holy citrus heaven, this stuff smells fantastic. Even before bringing it close to really get a good sniff, my senses were flooded with the refreshing scent. The chunks of fruit create a feeling of luxurious, good-for-you-ness that made me feel better about myself in general just rubbing it onto my skin. That may sound dramatic, but for someone who neglects their skin generally, this felt like a decadent treat. 

Look at the FRUIT! (Sand not included)


It goes on so slick and smooth that a little goes a long way and I was instantly relieved that I’d be able to use it a lot. The mask felt nice, cool and refreshing and having it right under my nose now it was all I could smell and I was in heaven. Being a good girl who enjoys following directions, I laid a towel down on the bed and relaxed on top of it, closed my eyes and just concentrated on the experience. Scent was the most prevalent aspect, but I started to feel a nice tightening of my skin as the mask dried, and the cool air when I exhaled through my nose against the mask above my lip was soothing and helped me focus more on my breathing. 


Mindfulness has always been a struggle for me, so rather than bullying myself into having a thought free mind (that’s a joke, btw, I’ve found bullying and berating  myself actually makes me feel more stressed and less able to free my mind, who knew??) I find something to focus on. 


This face mask is perfect for that. 


I don’t even know how long I laid there. I didn’t set a timer because I knew I’d keep checking it, but rather just gave in and let go.


Breathing in I could smell the citrus fruity deliciousness and my face felt tight and firm, which was a pleasant feeling. I found it enjoyable to focus on how it changed and pulled gently in different areas when I exhaled and relaxed my face. I wasn’t thinking about bills, or my relationships, or my kids, I was right there. Nourishing my skin and calming my brain and generally just doing exactly what I needed to be doing that afternoon. 


When I started to find myself distracted from my mindful facemask journey I knew it was time to rinse it off. My face felt amazing. It still smelled fantastic, my skin was a little brighter and softer and I no longer looked quite as tired. After one use!


I made it a habit of using the mask every other morning and found myself looking forward to it. My skin is feeling and looking better, and my mental health is benefitting from the more frequent calm, focused mindfulness.


Plus practice makes progress and I’m starting to think about other pampering treats I could experience. The sky’s the limit, I suppose, but I’m gonna be hard pressed to find something that smells as delightful and refreshing as this Super Juicy Satsuma Guava face mask. The chunks of fruit are the pièce de résistance for me. And for under $10USD, it’s one hell of a bargain.




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