This glow-in-the-dark board game is a fun prop for date night

We sure love games here at Love is a Fetish, and that includes board games. Sometimes that means we dive into complex, challenging games. Other times we pop a bottle, snuggle up, and play a glow-in-the-dark board game that’s simple enough to play even if you don’t read the rules.

That’s not a knock on the game. Like most “adult” (read: sex-oriented) board games, this one relies on a combination of actions involving “foreplay,” communication, drinking, and “sex.” The ultimate goal is to have fun and, with a little imagination and an utter disregard for the rules as written, it’s hard not to when playing this board game.

The premise of the game is as simple as it is silly. Spin the spinner, talk, touch, drink, and ultimately “have sex.” At LIAF we don’t view “foreplay” and “sex” as essentially different things, nor do we define “sex” as only involving penetration. From our perspective, it’s quite silly to make the end goal of any game “sex!” but that’s typical fair for the adult board game genre and this one doesn’t stand out in that regard.

board game
On the bright side, it does buck the standard trend with a glow-in-the-dark gimmick that’s actually quite fun to look at. It adds flair and style and, if you let it soak up enough light prior to play, the box, board, and game pieces all glow well enough to play with all the lights off, if that’s your preference. It all glows quite nicely in dim light as well, so the feature isn’t lost on those who like things a bit brighter.

low light
no light

As far as content goes, we also found that was a bit more thoughtful than some of the others we’ve tried. For example, rather than just the usual “touch each other” and “take one drink”-style prompts, this game prompted us to perform a “toast that compliments your lover.

Another plus was the lack of gendered language throughout. It used terms such as “your partner” and “your lover” instead. However, the game is rife with heteronormative imagery. It would have been nice to see diversity in the art — queer sex positions and different body types, for example.

At the end of the day, this game is more of a prop than anything else. It looks great spread out all over the bed with mood lighting and it lends to sexy and sexual conversations. For those who aren’t into drinking games, you could easily substitute non-alcoholic beverages, cannabis, candy, or any other date night delight.

It’s also a frugal choice for folks on a budget. At about $20, this game and a bottle of wine is cheaper than dinner and a movie. We recommend it for anyone looking for a visually appealing twist on the standard adult board game.

Get yours here, and if you’re looking for a game that focuses a little more on conversation and exploration, check out our review of Our Sex Game. Don’t forget to use code LOVEISAFETISH at checkout to receive 10% off of your purchase!



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