I haven’t had the best luck trying out thrusty, auto-moving style toys, so I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up with two in a row that I thoroughly enjoyed. One of which was this rotating anal plug from Wedol. I don’t say this lightly, but using this toy is the next best thing to getting fucked in the ass.



Its wiggle had me giggling, and maybe even a little intimated. I hadn’t tried a rotating anal toy before, and this one isn’t subtle about it. It’s got a pretty hefty vibration and beads in the base that spin, but unlike the old school Rabbits, these makes the whole shaft rotate.



There’s a shallow suction cup base that doesn’t stand up to much squirming around, so I wasn’t able to take full advantage of that feature, which, ideally, would be sticking it on the wall and letting it do its delightful diddy in my bum while it’s secure.

Though, I’m not sure it could beat how amazing this thing felt being able to freely wiggle while I bent over the bathtub with my mouth hanging open in a “holy fuck this is like when he fucks my ass!” stupor.



It’s different than plugs I am used to, and I don’t think I’d even consider this a “plug” because it really doesn’t have that deep taper at the base, you know, the kind that offers a little relief from the stretching. There really isn’t much of a difference between the widest part and the base, much like a cock or a dildo. And since there isn’t much of a difference, it slides in and out when it rotates, which added to the comparison to partnered sex.

When I sat up, it kept slipping out, so it took some experimenting to find out what positions I could keep it in my ass best, which will not garner a complaint from me. I was thankful for the remote, since trying to grab a wiggly lubed up toy and find a button to press seems like a task. I enjoyed cycling through the different rotating modes and vibration strength, and found myself able to kind of mindlessly click the buttons while I let go and got fucked.

The remote works from nearly 50 feet away, and it seems to do okay through concrete walls, I was even able to trigger it from outside. Which could be some fun play if you let someone else control the toy while it has its way with you.

At about six inches of insertable length, and like I mentioned before, not much of a skinny taper to let your bum relax around it, it might not be a toy for beginners, but what a reward to aspire to and a delicious journey there. I’m looking forward to exploring this toy further myself, as there are lots of exciting ways it can be incorporated into my sex life.

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