This Viotec touchscreen G-spot vibe is fancy af



I was pretty stoked about trying a touchscreen vibrator when BestVibe offered to let me try this one by Viotec. It sounded great in theory. I love touchscreens and I love new tech, seemed like a winner to me — again, in theory. 




When I opened the Viotec toy I couldn’t help but cry out about how gorgeous it is. I mean, it’s beautiful! And it looks like it’s wearing a fancy little necklace, a classy looking toy for me to do filthy shit with. I was in love. 




I plugged it in, and admired the little charging icon on the display. And the “charging completed” bit was so helpful, since with some of my toys I just have to assume they are charged cause they’d been plugged in for hours. I appreciated the satisfaction I felt seeing the words, knowing it had plenty of juice to play with. (heh) 





When I turned it on by holding the jewel looking button, the Viotec name flashed across the screen and it turned on the vibration to mode 1. I have to say, I was immediately disappointed to feel how buzzy this vibrator is. It ended up making my hand numb as I scrolled through the patterns.



The first time I tried it out, I kept accidentally changing the pattern whenever I touched the end of the toy, which was incredibly frustrating, until I discovered that you have to choose the pattern you want by scrolling, and then turn off the screen by pressing the jewel button, that way you can’t change the mode. You just click the button again and it lights back up so you can adjust as needed. Or just hold the button to turn it off when it’s done its civil duties. 



I really dig the shape of this toy, and ended up just using it as a dildo, since I don’t really like the buzziness of it, which is fine, I can always use more G-spot dildos. And the smooth silky texture of this one is nice. 


I wish that I liked the touchscreen. I really, really wanted to! But I have a few issues with it. First, I don’t necessarily want to have to be looking at my toy to figure out what I want it to do, I prefer a button that I can feel in the dark if I need to and not have to think too much about it. Also, a touchscreen isn’t all that conducive to lubed up, slippery fingers. Once my hands, and the toy, had lube on it, it was difficult to swipe modes, so getting it in the mode you want before you begin is key, and hopefully you don’t wanna mix it up after you get in the groove, so to speak, unless you have a towel or cloth nearby to dry your hand first. 




This definitely goes into my pretty toys category, as it’s quite esthetically pleasing. I just wish it had the same effect on my pussy as it does on my eyes.


If you like the buzz, buzz, and happen to dig a touchscreen, you can get your lovely fix here.




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