After a conversation with my partner last night and chatting with Isabelle today on Twitter about tummies, I wanted to get a few thoughts down.

I’ve always been incredibly self conscious about my weight, like a lot of people who aren’t naturally thin. My mother had some serious body issues of her own when I was growing up so there was noone teaching me to love and take care of my body. It was all about what to hate, to be ashamed of, and hide.

Participating in the weekly memes like Sinful Sunday, Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday and Violet’s Lingerie is for Everyone and seeing so many people showing off their gorgeous tummies, rolls and curves and sharing my own images has been so beneficial for me in being able to look at my own skin with a new adoration, kindness and lust!

My 365 day photo project has also been a large contributor to me being more comfortable showing my stomach, my stretch marks and some other bits and pieces that I’ve been ashamed and embarrassed about for pretty much my entire life.

It’s a nice feeling to see an image of myself and not feel immediate disgust if I’ve got a few rolls showing. Instead, it makes me feel sexy, human and touchable.

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