It was Date Night and we had gotten the toddler to sleep at a decent hour, which was a rare treat lately. Not ones to waste an opportunity to get close and sexy, we decided to take advantage of the alone time.

Playfully, he slapped my round ass and told me to go put on something accessible. Instant electric tingles shot straight to my cunt. I knew what accessible meant. I opted for my pink fishnet dress. Dress may be a bit of an overstatement for this article of clothing that contained less fabric than a single pair of panties. It was the most revealing, provocative outfit I had. The large cutout holes through out the dress revealed most of my bare skin, and the thin fabric between the holes did nothing to hide what was beneath. My nipples poked out immediately and became more sensitive as they pushed against the flimsy pink cloth.

He pulled the black chair that we often use for play into the middle of our bedroom and ordered me to sit with my legs crossed. Since the chair spins, sitting with my legs crossed meant I had no control over which direction I was facing. He often used that as another layer of control during a scene.

“Ready to play, babygirl?” he asked with a hint of sadism sparkling in his eyes.

I certainly was! “Yes, Daddy.”

He handed me the VR headset without another word and headed toward the computer. Putting the device over my head and adjusting the visor I saw that he already had a program open and running. It was a rather simple environment, that vaguely reminded me of something from Tron. Simple colored neon lines in front of me came together into a triangular shaped opening. Start your music now was the only text visible.

“It says start your music” I said, probably too loudly since my ears were still covered by the headphones on the Rift.

I felt his hand gently cover my mouth, our signal for me to be quiet.

Happy to obey, I turned my attention to my body, finding a comfortable position to keep my perfect posture that he insists on. My breath slowed and I focused on being present in this interesting scene that I found myself in. I felt very exposed. In a way I am not sure I have ever felt before. It wasn’t new for us to play with sensory deprivation, but in all those instances I couldn’t see anything but black through a blindfold. Even when he orders me to focus on the television that is currently playing Hentai while he plays with me, I still never lose sense of where I am.

This was new. I could see all around me. Turning my head to look around, it was like being in space. There was nothing but what looked like tiny twinkling stars in every direction but forward.

I was very aware of my nipples jutting through my dress, my soft stomach exposed for him to see, my legs spread just enough that I was sure my already wet pussy was clearly visible between my thick thighs.

The chair started rotating slowly as I was suddenly surrounded by soft music, the lights in front of me thrumming in time. It was a bit disorienting, in the best way. Like when you are just the right amount of buzzed. I felt like I was floating weightless through digital space.

The soft music faded and I was greeted with a very familiar song. We have quite a history with the Deftones album White Pony. It has been the soundtrack to a lot of our whiskey infused fetish nights. Feiticeira filled my ears and my cunt instantly responded with a twitch.

The lights started pulsing and shifting as I was slowly propelled into the opening before me, like a hypnotic glowing conveyor belt.

Hands slowly started running up my arms and across my shoulders and I felt a gentle kiss against the back of my collar.

When the pace of the music increased, so did the intensity of his attention on my body. Gripping my throat in his strong hand he bit into my shoulder in time to the bass. He pinched and pulled my nipples until I was sure I cried out, the music was so loud in my ears that I couldn’t tell. The lights sped up with the music and I was flying through streaks of colors, flashing and changing in sync with the beat.

My legs were pulled off the chair and spread apart, making me feel as though I was falling. I was grounded instantly when he forced his fingers inside of me as Chino screamed his approval in my ear.

The next song started as he was furiously pumping in and out of my pussy, I could feel my wetness splashing against my thighs, pooling beneath me on the chair. I was close to coming and I knew he could tell. When my cunt started spasming around his hand he curled his fingers up to push hard on my g-spot.

I tried to keep my eyes open and experience the rush of beautiful colors that seemed to surge and billow in time to my orgasm, but it all became too much and I had to close my eyes at the peak, still seeing the bright lights behind my eyelids. As I came down from my bliss, the music slowly quieted until all I could hear was my ragged breathing and drumming heart echoing in my ears.

He gently removed the headset and pulled me into a tight embrace and kiss. Holding me against his chest he growled into my ear.

“Next time I am going to fuck all your holes while you wear it.”

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  1. Fucking hell, that one is going right to the top of the To Do list! I love the trust in this and the abandoning yourself to the sensations and being in the moment.


  2. Once, Mr. D did something similar to this for me…without the VR. But I think I could get behind that. Sensory deprivation is an interesting thing, something I enjoyed very much. This little experience you have written is pretty damn hot and has inspired me to add VR to my erotic bucket list!

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