World of Darkness is getting an official digital toolset and it’s about damn time

Oh snap! World of Darkness (the Paradox-owned company responsible for the bloodbath of intrigue that is Vampire the Masquerade) is getting official Nexus support from Demiplane.

Are you not entertained?

This is brilliant news. First off, any TTRPG in 2022 that doesn’t have a digital presence is missing out on a consumer zeitgeist of Stranger Things proportions.

I’m looking at you Palladium Books, and I ain’t blinking.

Moving on. 

Demiplane recently announced support for Paizo’s Pathfinder TTRPG, now it’s got Vampire? Who does this previously-unheard-of company think it is?

Turns out, it’s Adam Bradford. That’s the person responsible for the very excellent D&D Beyond, the first product that made me want to take a crack at Dungeons and Dragons again in decades.

You can, provisionally, call me a fan of Demiplane. And, considering neither the Pathfinder or World of Darkness Nexus apps are actually available yet – they’re launching in 2022 – that’s some mighty risky praise.

From what we’ve been able to glean, this is an all-in-one digital app. I spent a lot of time with Beyond, and just judging by the splash video above, Nexus is looking like the answer to a lot of gamers’ prayers.

Unfortunately, information is scarce at this point. We can tell from the video that the app will include character generation and sheets, a compendium that possibly provides full access to the core game books, and a strong social component including group discovery and forums.

What we don’t know is what kind of fees we can expect, and whether or not this is an end-to-end solution for playing World of Darkness games or if we’re still going to need the core rulebooks, dice, or another app for remote gaming sessions.

In a perfect world, this app would give people like me (tech nerds) an entry point to WoD games that the traditional media doesn’t.

Basically, Paradox, you need to understand that WoD is fine just the way it is. Now give it to me digital and inject it straight into my veins. Here’s hoping Demiplane’s up to the challenge.


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