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Love Yourself is a monthly meme to celebrate, evolve and practice self love. It’s such an everchanging, sometimes nearly impossible feat, and shedding some light on the beautiful and the darkness can normalize the importance of loving ourselves and treating ourselves with kindness.


The linkups will be open monthly, and the topics are not mandatory.


My vision is to create a safe space where we can share what makes us love ourselves, what makes us struggle to do so and everything in between. I want to see the photographs that make you feel unstoppable, lingerie that has you feeling on top of the world. I want to read your erotica and poetry that confesses your lusts, cravings, fears and insecurities, because there is power in sharing, in realizing and remembering that we aren’t alone, that we all struggle and stumble, but are trying to help each other up quicker. I want to learn about your journey to figuring out who the fuck you are. And I want to share with you.



Loving myself has been one of the most confusing, painful, rewarding, and difficult undertakings I’ve ever embarked on. And I am nowhere near finished. It’s a way of life, I think. A lifestyle of loving yourself. Who couldn’t benefit from that?


So join me here every month for a new challenge or topic and share as many posts as you want to, all month long, whether they relate to the monthly topic or not. I can’t wait to start this adventure with you!


Be sure to check out and combine your posts with some of the other awesome memes currently running! The vivacious Violet hosts a plethora of sex & body-positive memes, like Lingerie is for Everyone and BoobDay! Molly, of course, is the brilliant brain behind Sinful Sunday, the delightful, weekly image sharing meme and Kink of the Week. Little Switch Bitch is killing it with her Quote Quest meme, where she provides a quote to inspire writings, photographs, etc. And don’t forget E. L. Byrne hosts the super cool Lustitude meme. Dive in and explore all of those wonderful projects then come share with all of us!



Love Yourself Rules and Guidelines 

  • No depictions of illegal activity in submissions (i.e. rape, pedophilia, bestiality);
  • Consensual non-consent is okay if consent is explicitly stated;
  • Please make sure to visit and support other contributors.
  • Absolutely no shaming or bigotry tolerated.
  • Topic is never mandatory, I just want you to share your brilliance.
  • Since the link-up is open all month, link in as many times as you’d like and can combine with other memes as well!