I have really been struggling to write lately. Not because of blocks, or lack of inspiration, but so much is happening so quickly that I have too much to say and very little time to say it. Not only are our lives changing in numerous dramatic ways, I also have a two year old all …

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I wrote a letter to my younger self and it was cathartic af

I originally published this on my SFW blog last Fall, but didn’t realize I hadn’t shared it here as well. CW: contains mentions of depression and suicide   Depression is notorious for killing your motivation and creativity, so a few weeks ago I was trying to force myself to do something, anything, to help get that …

Go on…I wrote a letter to my younger self and it was cathartic af

That fucking blanket

Having a mental illness is often a lonely feeling. In my experience, depression, anxiety and PTSD, whether separately, or some magical bullshit combines them together into a cocktail of distinct and almost comforting isolation. I struggle with this because I find it effortless to melt into that loneliness and isolation as it is easier and more …

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A fundamental fear of happiness

I started the day like most Thursdays, excited because it was date night and a little anxious but eager to go to therapy. As I was getting my medication out for the day, I realized I wasn’t dying to get to therapy like I usually am by Thursday morning. I don’t really have any friends …

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Growth is painful, good thing I’m a masochist

It’s been interesting learning more and more about my mental illnesses and the things I can do to help myself. I never knew I had so much control over my brain. It has been both a miraculous breakthrough and a terrifying realization. It makes me feel more hopeful about my mental health prognosis, but knowing it is ultimately up to me is pretty fucking scary.

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