Just when I thought I was out: Empire of Sin to launch first paid expansion

Empire of Sin, will see its first paid expansion, Make it Count, on November 18, alongside the free Precinct update. If you aren’t familiar, Empire of Sin is Romero Games’ turn-based tactical RPG set in Chicago’s roaring ’20s prohibition era.

Your job is to run a complex, illegal empire producing and selling booze, running speakeasies, casinos, brothels, etc — all while managing relationships with allies, rivals, and between your wildly emotional gangsters.

In the paid expansion, Make it Count:

  • Play as a new boss, Maxim “The Accountant” Zelnick, who is known for being a badass book cooker
  • Utilize a new racket type, Loan Sharks, because really, what criminal enterprise is complete without them?
  • Explore a new gangster class, The Fixers, whose specialty is solving problems in your empire, like smoothing over conflicts and relationship woes with other gangsters and bosses.
  • New weapons, missions, side-quests, building types, and more.


I’m most excited about the free for everyone Precinct update, bringing the addition of Precincts, which are subdivisions of neighborhoods controlled both by players and other factions. Also included are Depots (control centers for Precincts), different paths to victory, improved Police (ahem, ACAB), and other assorted building updates. It also promises a gameplay patch that reportedly overhauls the game from top to bottom.

Empire of Sin is a compelling game that instantly sold me with the atmosphere and music. The voice acting is fun and often has me giggling at the gangsters and their ridiculousness. Where this game stole my heart though, was the playable women bosses. 

Being able to pick from five, let me repeat that because it’s such a beautiful thing, five badass women is a pretty big deal. (I could go on a tangent here about how fucked up it is that I’m excited about five out of fifteen characters being women because that’s almost unheard of, but that’s for another day.) It doesn’t feel as if the non-men characters were afterthoughts, but real, fleshed-out people with feelings, emotions, and desires. And that’s something I really appreciate not only as a gamer but especially as a woman who’s been trying to see real women represented in games for decades. 

You can play as a brothel running grandmother, a young feisty former circus manager who rules with a whip, or several other compelling, complicated criminals. As I mentioned, there are fifteen playable bosses that you can use to take over the mean streets of 1920’s Chicago and rock your boozy empire, so you’re sure to find one that ticks your vicarious gangster boxes.

Make it Count will be available on Steam, and consoles for 14.99USD on Thursday, November 18, and the Precinct update should happen automatically for everyone who owns the game. Happy criminaling!


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